What does Web Presence Mean

I once had a professor tell me that he didn’t want me to attend his class, he wanted me to be present.

What he meant was he didn’t just want me to be there, he wanted me to take part. He wanted me to speak and listen and learn. That’s the difference between putting up a web site and having a web presence.

Simply having a web site is like attending class. Everyone can see you, but you miss out on the benefits of being present. You need to interact with your existing and potential customers.

PeeperFrog is expert in building that presence so that you can find out what your customers want. You can then tell them about what you offer, make sales, take payments and arrange delivery. Best of all, your web presence operates 24/7 without you lifting a finger.

Connect with your customers and take advantage of a web presence that truly does most of the work for you: