More than One Domain?

For some businesses, one domain name is all you will ever need or use, but for others, extra domain names are helpful, or even necessary. Here’s why.

Most domain names end in .com, which stands for Commercial. The part before the dot is usually a business name, like

Sometimes businesses use regional endings like .ca to make them stand out as Canadian but also want the .com to lead to their web site just in case someone types it wrong.

This may also be the case if your name is often misspelled. For example, if your business name is McAdoo Pianos but people sometimes misspell it MacAdoo, You might want to use, but also register to make sure they find you either way.

Another reason to have multiple names is if you have clients in more than one language. You could either use a prefix ( to indicate the language or have a different web site name for each language.

The last reason is to prevent your competition from hijacking a name your customers might type. The Liberal government of Canada learned this lesson the hard way when the opposition Conservative party registered shortly before the 2015 election. This domain now leads to negative information aimed at potential supporters.

No matter how many domain names you need, PeeperFrog can register and host them all. Ask us how: