Themes are like Cookie Cutters.

If you’re a baker, and you want to sell lots of cookies, you use a cookie-cutter to turn them out quick and cheap. That’s why companies like Shopify use themes. Because it helps THEM make money, not because it’s going to make YOU money.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need something more. You need your Web Presence to be as unique as you are, and show your best side. The last thing you want is to look like just another cookie.

A theme can give your web site an initial structure, but a professional will take that and tailor it to your needs. They will add things like fonts and colours to match your corporate look and feel, widgets to do specific tasks, display your latest tweets or embed a YouTube video.

A Web Presence is not just a Web Site, and your Web Site can not simply be a collection of informative pages. 20 years ago we built web sites that just looked like pages of paper, but now they can, and need to, do more. They need to dynamically adjust to the user’s device, respond to the user’s needs and be searchable. Effectively, they need to be your representative, not just your pamphlet.

All the things that make you and your business stand out in the real world must also stand out on the web. Why? Because your competition does.

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