Men and Women Shop Online Equally

Per capita, Women and Men shop online in Equal Proportions. That means that items aimed at either gender are just as likely to sell, including gifts for one or the other, but there are some pitfalls here.

Women are increasingly sensitive to the “pink tax“, for example, charging more for a woman’s pink razor than the identical blue one sold to men. The internet makes it easy to find this sort of thing, and social media can turn it into a nightmare in a matter of hours.

Parents are also increasingly critical of toys marketed specifically to boys or girls based on outdated stereotypes. Best to categorize by anything but gender when it comes to children’s items.

Keep in mind also, that not everyone identifies as male or female. Subtle hints like using “they” rather than he or she, and more obvious choices, like not forcing customers to identify as one or the other when filling in forms, can often gain you business rather than alienating people who identify as LGBTQ.

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